Our Story - PhoenixLotusProductions


Open to the colors you see,  Open to the sounds you hear

Open to the people around you.


"In a world rife with inhumanity, miser, injustice and cruelty... it is the choice of my soul to "see beauty"

The opportunity to share our dreams and to share the beauty of what we see, is something that feels as much to us a responsibility as an opportunity.

I would go so far as to say that this work is our calling. It is what we do regardless of the circumstances in which we are living.

Independent of whatsoever is going on in our lives, It is what we think about, and it is what we would strive to do, even if the means to do this were not available to us"


PhoenixLotus Photography is a locally owned business in Portland Oregon by Tommy and Evelyn.

Since 2000 we've been capturing images of the essence of people, their moods, and their persona.

We've amassed a great collection of photos that reveals the uniqueness of all events, along with some places we've been.

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